About us

In an age where technological change is moving faster than ever, Novum Insights is your eye on what is going on in frontier technology. We are mapping the blockchain ecosystem, and narrowly focusing on this complex sector as a test case looking a complex area. Our special report and accompanying product will display which blockchain companies are most poised for success, when they launch in September. We are detailing the teams of companies, their commercial partners, their investor syndicates and the types of technology they are working on, and how companies are strategically positioned. With a unique blend of data scientists and business intelligence researchers, Novum Insights is the data company of the future. To lock-in a discount pre-order our data product now. We can also work with your team to meet your custom data needs in all areas of startup business intelligence. 

Toby Lewis - CEO

Toby was the Chief Analytics Officer of Global Corporate Venturing and has extensive experience in corporate innovation.

Tim York - CTO

Tim has twenty years experience helping companies implement and optimize their financial, operational, and data management systems.

Jeff Carlson - CIO

Jeff has extensive experience managing, analyzing, and visualizing data in a wide range of forms, structure, and content


Brenda Gonzalo - CMO

Brenda is experienced in web development, marketing and business development.


Antoine De Lombarès - CFO

Antoine manages the entire financial scope of the company and its financial processes