September 29, 2021 · 1 min read

Blockchain and Credit

Small-scale businesses often hit difficulty when trying to acquire credit-funding. The risk associated with providing loans can sometimes be too great. Similarly, it can sometimes be challenging for investors to source a business that desires them as a creditor. As Ofir states on this week’s episode of The Novum Insightful:

If we’re talking about the traditional lending industry, the competition is to get the best businesses to select you as a credit provider. Everybody wants to give debt to the best businesses and acquiring customers can be very hard when you’re offering credit.

Ofir Avigad and Ashley Brooke Taylor of ReSource Network have utilised blockchain technology to allow for a credit network that provides businesses with a fair and authentic economy.

ReSource Network’s aim is to:

serve the small businesses and freelancers that provide the backbone for the economy by providing them with fair credit and more customers.

Check out ReSource Network.

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