October 2, 2019 · 2 min read

Drone X Blockchain

We’re all suckers for cool stuff.

Drones seem cool.

Drake used a drone to film his music videos, Lady Gaga’s performance looks much more heavenly enhanced by drones.

Different industries have picked up the potentials of drones and now drones deliver pizza, medical supplies, predict the weather, monitor mining and construction works (and give an aerial view of your favourite celebrities from time to time).

However these drones flying around carrying personal, private and proprietary data in uncontrolled public spaces do give shivers. In the worst case scenario, the drones could collide and fall into the wrong hands to get the data compromised.

This is where blockchain technology comes to the rescue. Blockchain provides encrypted data storage and prevents external attacks. With drones’ location data updated in real time shared on a publicly accessible distributed ledger, managing air traffic and dealing with collisions can be done easily.

Big names such as Walmart and IBM that have been leading enterprise blockchain adoption in diverse fields have filed patents for blockchain based drones. Earlier this month, Walmart has filed a patent for a drone-to-drone encrypted communication. Last year, IBM has filed a patent for a system that will utilise blockchain to secure data carried by drones.

At Novum Insights, we look at other disruptive companies breeding a drone x blockchain hybrid.


SKYFchain is an unmanned logistics operating platform on private blockchain for SKYF drone (heavy cargo drones) customers. The company uses built-in smart contracts to provide secure data and control. ERC20 is used to issue SKYFT tokens that will be used for payments for the services.

Red Cat

Implementing blockchain to the drone industry, Red Cat aims to make drones more accountable and secure. Red Cat provides distributed data storage and analytics for the recreational and commercial drone industry. Red Cat black box drone flight recorder records data with encryption.