August 31, 2022 · 2 min read

Introducing : Arcane | Gain insights into the Stacks blockchain using Novum’s Stacks Portfolio Tracker

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Arcane, an app that allows you to track interesting users’ Stacks portfolio.

Stacks is a leading blockchain network that unleashes the potential of DeFi on Bitcoin. Six months ago, we launched Stacks Dataverse, an on-chain analytics tool looking at the health of the Stacks blockchain from general user activity, NFT markets to whale movements and more. As an extension to that, we built Arcane where you can take a deeper dive into Stacks size-movers’ portfolio.

Let’s get started.

Type in any Stacks wallet address in the search bar, you will see the user’s NFT holdings and DeFi coin holdings including StackSwap, Arkadiko, MiamiCoin and more. Arcane also tells you how much their NFT and DeFi holdings are worth in STX and how much STX he/she holds. 

Have a bns username you want to check out off the top of your head? No problem, we support bns!

To find more interesting Stacks addresses, use our Stacks Dataverse Whale Movements page. 

Don’t forget to go the Minting Now page to see NFT collections that you can mint now because it’s never too late to get into the Stacks NFT ecosystem!

If you want to learn more about the overall Stacks NFT ecosystem, visit our NFT Trends page on Stacks Dataverse. There you’ll be able to find the most popular NFT collections and trending NFT collections.

Stay up to date with the latest developments in Arcane and Stacks Dataverse by connecting with us on Twitter at @NovumInsights.