March 21, 2022 · 3 min read

Introducing : Stacks Dataverse | Gain insights into the Stacks blockchain using Novum’s on-chain analytics tool

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new product Stacks Dataverse!

Ever since we started navigating the Wild West of DeFi, there was no question that we had to address the untapped liquidity of Bitcoin to fully unleash the potential of DeFi. A few months ago, we entered the Stacks accelerator programme to help bridge Bitcoin to DeFi. We have been working on our analytics tool looking at the health of the Stacks blockchain and ecosystem and we’re finally ready to share what we’ve built.

📣 Introducing Stacks Dataverse

Stacks Dataverse provides a broad overview of the Stacks ecosystem from user activity, NFT markets, whale movements, to Stacks-specific metrics such as stacking and microblocks and much more.

Stacks Dataverse step-by-step guide

Spot on-chain transaction trends in Stacks

These metrics serve as basic information regarding the usage growth of the Stacks blockchain over time.

Find the hottest NFT projects on Stacks

See also the fastest growing projects and track the trading volume over time. 

Gain insights into Mining and Stacking

💡 What is stacking?

By “stacking” STX, users support the network’s security and in return they earn rewards in BTC. Check out popular stacking pools and see how much STX tokens are rewarded to each miner. Learn more about Stacks blockchain’s Proof of Transfer consensus here.

Follow the big money

Tracking whale transactions allow users to see what kind of activities and Dapps are gaining traction in Stacks. 

Check out the Stacks Dataverse 

What’s Next? 

In the next stages of development, we are going to track Stacks’ flourishing DeFi ecosystem including Arkadiko, ALEX, StackSwap and more! We are also working on implementing wallet functionality that will allow you to track how your Stacks assets are performing. The smart contract language of Stacks - ‘Clarity’ - has been recognized as an official programming language on GitHub and the Stacks Foundation launched “Bitcoin Odyssey”, a $165 million grant programme to support Bitcoin related projects. You can learn more about Stacks here.

Thanks again for the Stacks Accelerator and the Foundation who have helped us be a part of an amazing journey unlocking Bitcoin’s potential!  Stay up to date with the latest developments in BitFi by connecting with us on Twitter at @NovumInsights.

-The Novum Insights team