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Weekly Momentum Pairs - 26 Mar 2021

Momentum Pairs

Momentum Pairs is a Uniswap liquidity pair tracker. Novum Insights’ analyst team reviews the best performing pairs on Uniswap over a 7-day, 30-day and 90-day periods. These pairs are a useful part of a diversified portfolio, but also some of the highest risk, but also the highest return. Novum is providing information on how to help people increase their odds of picking the higher returners, and minimize exposure to the biggest risks.

The growth of the DeFi Market 📊

The DeFi space used to be an mysterious side hustle of crypto and the word DeFi was no more than a poorly understood term. Not anymore. It has become a tens of billions of dollar industry and the market capitalization today stands at $91 billion. The figure below shows the growth of the DeFi market in 2020 alone.

Pairs to watch 📈

The table below shows interesting pairs to watch sorted by 7 day HODL performance. The upper and lower performances of each pair indicates the performance of liquidity provision strategy and buy and hold strategy by 7 days.

Token spotlight 💡

Like last week, NFT-related DeFi projects are showing strong performance this week in Momentum Pairs.

Ethernity (ERN)

Price: $50.29 7d price change: +136.6% About: Ethernity is an NFT marketplace, specialising in trading card NFTs. Muhammad Ali’s NFT drop will take place on Ethernity.

Meme (MEME)

Price: $2916.08 7d price change: +8.3% About: Meme allows users to stake assets to farm NFT memes. Meme has partnered with Badger DAO to create a gamified experience for the DeFi community.

If you want to learn more about NFTs, check out our blog post NFTs are on Fire .

Best performing tokens in the last week 🚀

Vesper Finance VSP token has grown the most over the past week with a 95% price increase. The yield protocol surpassed $1 billion in TVL within 6 weeks of launching.

BoringDAO, a project that aims to bridge all blockchains and different crypto assets has increased by 76.2%.

Trust Swap, which started out as a crypto transaction platform now offers escrow services, a time-locked payment system and Launchpad which allows anyone to gain access to early-stage startups without needing a lot of capital. The SWAP token has increased by 57.5%.

Badger DAO’s DIGG token, a synthetic rebasing asset that tracks the price of Bitcoin has increased by over 50% in the past week.

P2P trading network Airswap has risen by 40%. AST holders are able to stake their tokens on CodeFi Activate.

The table below summarises the best performing tokens last week.

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